JCW's The Burger Boys

So cool, so chill.

blueberry cheesecake, hot fudge almond, oreo, grasshopper, butterfinger, strawberry cheesecake, peach, fresh banana, cookie dough, brownie

Our shakes go above and beyond expectation not only in size but taste as well.

Chocolate Cookie Dough and Oreo Shakes

Flipping good burgers.

Our burgers are made with a quarter pound of AAA ground chuck and charbroiled to perfection.

Photograph of Fountain Drink, Pastrami Burger and Onion Rings

We're fresh.

Photograph of chicken salad and side of homemade ranch dressing

The real catch.

Tender and battered just right, this REAL halibut platter is one of our customer’s favorites.

Photograph of halibut platter, french fries, fountain drink and side of dipping sauce.

Right next door.


American Fork

(801) 492-1762

580 East State Road

American Fork, Utah 84003


(801) 341-6680

3605 Thanksgiving Way

Lehi, Utah 84043


Monday-Thursday: 10am-11pm    |    Friday and Saturday: 10am-12am


(801) 374-5297

396 West 2230 North

Provo, UT 84604




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